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The conference proceedings are now available online on IEEE Xplore

Instructions for Oral Presentation of Accepted Papers

  1. Presenting authors of accepted papers shall present their papers in a 20-minute time slot, which will be divided into a 15-minute presentation by the presenting author followed by a 5-minute questions and answers session.
  2. All presenting authors are expected to complete their presentation within the allocated 15 minutes and leave 5 minutes to engage in questions and answers with the audience. It is therefore advisable, especially to first time presenters, to rehearse their presentations before the D-day.
  3. Paper presentations should ideally be prepared using Microsoft PowerPoint. Computers with pre-installed Windows and Microsoft PowerPoint will be available to all presenting authors. If, however, additional software is required to run an simulations or animations then authors are advised to bring along their own Laptops and projector cable/connector.
  4. Presenting authors shall make their oral presentation in English.
  5. Presenting authors are encouraged to be present in all the technical sessions and keynote addresses and to engage in productive and meaningful discussions. They are, however, specifically advised to be available for their session well ahead of time so that the presentation files can be copied to the computer in time to ensure the timely organization of all sessions.
  6. The detailed schedule and venue of each technical session will be made available on the Conference website as part of the technical program.
  7. Please feel free to contact us at [email protected] in case of any queries.

Instructions for Poster Presentation:

  1. Presenting authors of papers, which have been accepted for poster presentation should prepare their posters with a Landscape orientation. The posters must be 4 feet wide and 3 feet tall and printed on Panaflex.
  2. Authors will be responsible for posting and retrieving their posters. Pushpins will be provided for posting the posters on the presentation boards, which will be available on the Conference venue.
  3. Presenters are required to setup their posters at least 30 minutes prior to the commencement of the poster session and fare required to stay by their posters for the entire duration of the session. After the session the posters and associated materials should be promptly removed.
  4. Tentatively, the poster session will be held on Friday, 3 March 2023. Further details of the technical program will be made available on the Conference website.
  5. Authors are expected to do their best to present their work in the most effective manner possible. While preparing their posters, the authors are expected to incorporate the following:
  • The ICRAI-2023 logo, which can be downloaded here, in the top left corner of the poster, and the IEEE Logo in the top right corner of the poster. The IEEE Master Brand + Tagline graphic can be downloaded in blue color from here.
  • The paper title should be in the center. Choose appropriate font size. The font type should follow the IEEE template for conference papers.
  • The names and affiliations of all the authors and co-authors.
  • The poster must contain an abstract/introduction, technical details with necessary graphs/plots/figures/images, results, and conclusion/future work.
  • The font sizes should be chosen so that the poster is clearly readable.