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Pakistan Visa Information:

Please apply for a visa as early as possible as granting visas to international citizens for visiting Pakistan may be now subject to a greater degree of scrutiny.

Visa application can be submitted online:

A detailed guide for application is available at:


Foreign citizens who wish to participate in conferences shall apply to the Others Visa category under the Visa Category tab.



To avoid any difficulty and disappointment, please plan to submit your Visa application completed in all aspects in advance of your intended departure date. Review your Visa status frequently for any possible response from the NADRA (National Database and Registration), Ministry of Interior Gov. of Pakistan.



Please note that this information is given to avoid any inconvenience during the application process. However, in case of any changes in the regulations, the only authoritative source of information is the Ministry of Interior Gov. of Pakistan.


Visa Letters

Only registered participants who have paid the required fee will be provided with the official letters of invitation. After the successful completion of the online registration and fee payment process, please make a request for your visa invitation letter by contacting [email protected].